The Vanishing Bridegroom, BYO 2017

"The most striking performance came from the powerful yet beautifully controlled mezzo-soprano of Ida Ränzlöv, the daughter who fights a climactic battle with a rather charming Satan. Consider this singer fully launched." - Neil Fisher, The Times

"Best of all was Ida Ränzlöv's Daughter: I greatly admired the mezzo-soprano in the title role of the RCM's recent Faramondo and here she confirmed her tremendous promise." - Claire Seymour, Opera Magazine, November 2017

"...and the mezzo Ida Ränzlöv, who takes the role of the daughter in the final story with immaculate diction and tremendous dramatic presence." -  Andrew Clements, The Guardian

"Ida Ränzlöv impressed with her strength of personality in Act Three, when she opens the piece with a powerful ballad." - Robert Hugill, Planet Hugill

Photo by Robert Workman

Photo by Robert Workman

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