Ida Ränzlöv

Mezzo Soprano

The Vanishing Bridegroom, BYO 2017

"The most striking performance came from the powerful yet beautifully controlled mezzo-soprano of Ida Ränzlöv, the daughter who fights a climactic battle with a rather charming Satan. Consider this singer fully launched." - Neil Fisher, The Times

"Best of all was Ida Ränzlöv's Daughter: I greatly admired the mezzo-soprano in the title role of the RCM's recent Faramondo and here she confirmed her tremendous promise." - Claire Seymour, Opera Magazine, November 2017

"...and the mezzo Ida Ränzlöv, who takes the role of the daughter in the final story with immaculate diction and tremendous dramatic presence." -  Andrew Clements, The Guardian

"Ida Ränzlöv impressed with her strength of personality in Act Three, when she opens the piece with a powerful ballad." - Robert Hugill, Planet Hugill

Photo by Robert Workman

Photo by Robert Workman

Faramondo, London Handel Festival 2017

"The evening’s star performance came from the Swedish mezzo Ida Ränzlöv as Faramondo, her magnetic stage presence and consistently accomplished vocalism making her completely convincing." Opera Magazine

"Faramondo is sung with power and brilliance by Swedish mezzo Ida Ränzlöv, who could hold her on the professional stage already." - Rick Jones, The Critics' Circle

"She is the Swedish mezzo Ida Ränzlöv in the title role — tall, powerful, rich-toned, a star in the making." - Richard Morrison, The Times

"It’s consistently well sung, though Ida Ränzlöv’s Faramondo and Harriet Eyley as his sister Clotilde are particularly outstanding. Ränzlöv blazes through her arias with thrilling conviction;" - Tim Ashley, The Guardian

 "A magnetic stage performer, Swedish mezzo Ida Ranzlov makes an outstandingly assured Faramondo." - George Hall, The Stage

"In the title role, however, mezzo soprano Ida Ränzlöv was in a class of her own from the start. There is a real richness to Ränzlöv’s sound and a vividness of tone; she demonstrated a natural feeling for the Handelian phrase, delivering the coloratura with effortless seamlessness and crafting a fine cantabile. Ränzlöv also demonstrated dramatic range and - in this opera, no mean feat - credibility, conveying both Faramondo’s vicious streak and an underlying tenderness." - Claire

 "Mezzo-soprano Ida Ränzlöv both looked and sounded the part, creating a convincing persona as a young rocker; it helps that Ränzlöv is tall, and on this showing roles like Handel's Ariodante surely beckon. She also showed a nice combination of personality and skill in Handel's complex vocal writing. None of the arias in Faramondo is quite knock-out Handel, but plenty are first rate and Ida Ränzlöv clearly relished them, whilst keeping a sense of character too."   - Robert Hugill, Planet Hugill


Faramondo (Ida Ränzlöv) & Rosimonda (Beth Moxon) Backstage Photo

Faramondo (Ida Ränzlöv) & Rosimonda (Beth Moxon) Backstage Photo

La Finta Giardiniera, RCM 2016

"Three very confident, beautifully sung and expertly acted turns by Ida Ränzlöv, Katie Coventry and Harriet Eyley. I particularly liked Ida Ränzlöv's impossibly haughty and stylish Arminda, the posh niece with dodgy tastes in men." - Robert Thickness, Opera Now January 2017
"Joel Williams’s... The sparkle of his eminently musical performance was matched, at the very least, by Ida Ränzlöv’s Arminda, dressed to kill (not quite literally, although one would not necessarily have been surprised) by Thavoris." - Mark Berry,

The Barber of Seville, Smålandsoperan 2016

"Unga mezzosopranen Ida Ränzlöv som Rosina gör en fantastisk prestation helt igenom... Framtidslöfte med härlig mimik och tajming." / "The young mezzosoprano Ida Ränzlöv as Rosina makes a fantastic performance throughout the opera... promising future with lovely facial expressions and timing" - Tina Kristina Persson, Smålandsposten
"Rosina gestaltas med bravur av Ida Ränzlöv. Hennes mezzosopran är helt enkelt bedårande!" / "Rosina is portrayed with verve by Ida Ränzlöv. Her mezzosoprano is simply adorable!"  - Rolf Wenander, Smålänningen